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Kushgard Deck and Siding Stains

Kushgard Deckseal

Because of the nature of wood, especially on a flat, walking surface, no deck coating lasts forever. What makes Kushgard Deckseal special is the high content of linseed oil we put into the stain. It penetrates into the wood and protects it. Kushgard Deckseal also contains a mildewcide to inhibit the growth of mildew and protect your wood from graying, cracking and drying. We also put pigment based colorants into our Deckseal which is an important element that provides a UV barrier and adds richness to any deck.

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Single Gallon
5 Gallon pail

Kushgard Solid Oil Stain
For a different look, we also offer Kushgard Solid Oil Stain. This product looks similar to paint but does not chip. It soaks into the wood, protecting it and giving the wood a solid color. This is a good product to use if your wood is discolored and uneven in appearance or if you want the look of a painted home or fence without the chipping or peeling. This is a high hiding pigmented oil stain. It has a combination of oils that help in protecting your wood for years. This true oil stain not only oils the wood but it wears very slowly.

NOTE: This product is recommended for vertical surfaces only.

Please call for pricing.
Available sizes.
Single gallons

KushGard DeckSeal
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