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Robinson's Kabin Kote
Robinson’s Kabin Kote has been on the market since 1953, making quality exterior finishes for cabins and wood furniture. A creamy colored yellow primer is applied to the wood as the first coat. The second coat is colored clear finish and must be applied by a brush to give the illusion of wood grain. Kabin Kote has been designed for:

.Renewing the beauty of the original finish of log cabins which have become unsightly through progressive weathering.
.Protecting and preserving the wood surface.
.Brightening of log and wood panel interiors which have become discolored.
.Renewal of rustic lawn furniture.
.Protection and renewal of paneled gables, natural wood buildings and fences.

The preparation of the surface to be painted is the same as that which applies to the other exterior paints and is as follows:

Any opening between the logs, and any crack large enough to permit caulking should be filled with a good grade of natural caulking compound.

Any opening previously caulked with a black asphalt type of compound should be protected against bleeding with a good grade of exterior aluminum paint before applying Kabin-Kote.


PRIMER - Approximately 200 - 250 sq. ft. per gallon (depending on the surface you are covering).
FINISHES - Approximately 400 - 450 sq. ft. per gallon.

Best results can be obtained by following these directions:

.One thick or 2 thin coats of Primer.
.One thin, even coat of Finish
.Use nylon brush
.Go full length of each log without stopping to avoid lap marks.
.Inspect for sags continually and distribute by stippling with end of bristles.
.As film starts to set, brush lightly with dry brush.

New seasoned, untreated wood surfaces can be coated with the No. 300 Finish without the Primer. Apply 2 or more coats to protect and beautify. The surface should be clean and dry. Allow 24 hours between coats.

Robinson Kabin Kote Products are all VOC compliant.

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Kabin Kote Primer

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