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For all of your boat bottom needs, Kush Paint carries a wide variety of Sea Hawk Finishes. Sea Hawk uses the highest quality raw materials to produce superior coatings. Sea Hawk makes a variety of antifouling paints, epoxy primers, gel coats and strippers.

On top of the colors offered by Sea Hawk, Kush Paint can custom tint your Sea Hawk AF 33 paint to many different colors. (COLOR CHART BELOW).

Cukote- All around our best selling copper antifouling paint. With 45% copper it works extremely well in the Great Lakes as well as in the Caribbean to keep off grassers, zebra mussels and barnacles. It is an ablative antifouling which means it wears off in the water slowly bringing new copper to the surface. This is how the bottom stays clean. Sea Hawk Cukote stays cleaner than others but will not rub off as much on your body. Yachts pulled out after the season with just a light cleaning, look like they were just painted. It is a multi-season paint. $189/gallon - $56/quart.
AF 33- Like the name says, antifouling paint with 33% copper. It has the same resin system as Cukote so itís ablative but doesnít rub off like our competitorís. 33% copper is enough copper in an ablative paint, especially in colder waters like northern oceans and the Great Lakes. Kush Paint Co. can custom tint your AF 33 to meet your color needs (medium to dark colors, only). Also, when boats are used for just a few months a year AF 33 works well and saves you money.

Monterey- Is a water clean up ablative copper antifouling. It works like the Cukote when but less odor when painting in small, enclosed work spaces. This product is used on the new Carver Yachts.

Mission Bay- A new environmentally friendly ablative antifouling that is copper free. Mission Bay uses a zinc compound which activates in sunlight and helps keep your boat growth free. No copper means itís great on aluminum yachts and itís better for the environment. The best thing about this product is that is it the whitest white out there, according to our customers.

Sharkskin- A multi season, hard modified epoxy copper antifouling paint. Though finish, high amount of copper.

NEW! Silver Bullet- The next generation friction fighting, low drag, performance coating. Silver color excellent for pontoon and racing boats.

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